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Charrise and NaQueal

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It was a joy to finally get to photograph Charrise and NaQueal’s wedding.  Charrise spent a lot of time in planning and seeing that all the details of the wedding were special. As you will see below, this is a group that truly knows how to have a good time!

                                           I love hairspray 🙂

Ok, This is random, I know, but I loved the angles and the fact the car is heading the wrong direction 🙂

I did not set this one up. Those who know me, know I would never set this shot up. Matt Buerhaus ( a great videographer BTW) set this up and so why not shoot it. It turned out pretty I think. The lace on Charrise’s dress made it 🙂 They make good hand models don’t you think.

Oops Sarah, I see you 🙂 The cat is out of the bag now on how we got this shot 🙂

       These boys were so much fun 🙂

               Cake by Sugar Bakers  YUM!

                     And the Fun Continues at Grey Rock Mansion!


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  1. Great work, Laura. I love the close-ups of the bride in the very beginning of the blog pics.


    July 1, 2008 at 12:05 pm

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