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Howdy.. I mean Happy B-day Camden!!!

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My children and I were thrilled when Sarah Cambell of Historic Events, one of my favorite wedding planners invited us to her son Camden’s 4th birthday!  Sarah did a wonderful job as she does with her weddings coming up with beautiful design and details that made the day fun and exciting. I rechon everyone enjoyed the food and fun.  I could not just leave my camera at home. Of course I had to bring it 🙂

 Happy Birthday Camden!

Cake by Piece of Cake in Stevensville 🙂

         Here’s the Birthday Boy!

Camden has triplet friends. They were just adorable 🙂

    Howdy Partner’s

   I am Sheriff in this town and I do not want any trouble or I will sick my siter on on you 🙂

Grown ups need to have fun too!

Is this a Cowboy or a pirate party . Arrrrrg!

                    Eye up the horseshoes!

It’s hot and my shirt and hat were way to hot for my likin’!

                              Yeah! Almost Counts!!!!!!

                            Every good cowboy has a mama to feed him!

                        I do not need to see to eat!

Time to get the candy. Remember the Alamo!

                              Mom wears her boot well!

                                Take that!


So when can I have my cake and eat it too?

                                   Nice try but no go for the candle!

    It tastes good though 🙂

                  On to important things now 🙂 PRESENTS!


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