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Announcing Baby Aubrey

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Michelle and Eric are just about to celebrate their 2nd wedding Anniversary. I had the awesome opportunity to photograph their new addition recently.  They stopped by on the way to the beach. We were unsure how long we would have for the session because a big storm was on the way. It was fast, all of 15 minute, but how beautiful is this little girl 🙂


We will start with a few from Michelle and Eric’s Wedding. 


     Flower Salad! My Favorite!

                                          YUM! Grass, I love grass!

                                         I love the exploration and wonder of this stage 🙂

     Quick Change before the rain 🙂

                             Daddy’s Girl for sure!


Meet Christine and her new puppy.

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What beautiful eyes Christine has 🙂 We had fun with our little girl photo shoot 🙂 What a natural 🙂

A Wedding of Amazing Details!

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Ashley and Kevin were so sweet and I cannot wait to show you their story soon. For now though, I am going to show their amazing details. Ashley’s mom, Debbie, did a wonderful job planning and designing this over the top 20’s style wedding. She is not a wedding planner, but she definitely could be. I general do not give a lot of attention to the details on my blog as to me the story is so much more important. In this case though the details were a part of the story. They did have a wonderful wedding planner as well Fran Aycoch that helped make this happen the day berore and day of the wedding. She did a wonderful job :)! Stay tuned for the Story !


Ashley, feel free to add where you got the fun details of your favors, cozies, wine and cookies 🙂


Howdy.. I mean Happy B-day Camden!!!

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My children and I were thrilled when Sarah Cambell of Historic Events, one of my favorite wedding planners invited us to her son Camden’s 4th birthday!  Sarah did a wonderful job as she does with her weddings coming up with beautiful design and details that made the day fun and exciting. I rechon everyone enjoyed the food and fun.  I could not just leave my camera at home. Of course I had to bring it 🙂

 Happy Birthday Camden!

Cake by Piece of Cake in Stevensville 🙂

         Here’s the Birthday Boy!

Camden has triplet friends. They were just adorable 🙂

    Howdy Partner’s

   I am Sheriff in this town and I do not want any trouble or I will sick my siter on on you 🙂

Grown ups need to have fun too!

Is this a Cowboy or a pirate party . Arrrrrg!

                    Eye up the horseshoes!

It’s hot and my shirt and hat were way to hot for my likin’!

                              Yeah! Almost Counts!!!!!!

                            Every good cowboy has a mama to feed him!

                        I do not need to see to eat!

Time to get the candy. Remember the Alamo!

                              Mom wears her boot well!

                                Take that!


So when can I have my cake and eat it too?

                                   Nice try but no go for the candle!

    It tastes good though 🙂

                  On to important things now 🙂 PRESENTS!

Miguel and Dr. Claire keep it Simple and Sweet!

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Claire and Miguel, I am so glad to have been a part of you day. You both are so sweet and I think the photographs show you for who you both are! It is no wonder outr first meeting lasted 3.5 hours 🙂

Miguel and Claire’s wedding was simple but so beautiful. Their personalities truly glowed through out the day.  Their day started at the University of MD Memorial Chapel and ended up at at Rockwood Manor in Potocac Maryland. Claire wore a simple but elegant gown by Watters from Casa Mauricio.

Not Sure what was going on, but the face tells the story 🙂

Slipping into the dress in denim 🙂

Honestly, I could not decide which photo I liked best, so you get to see both 🙂 This wedding was terrible hard to edit down for the BLOG.

Cute kids were a big part of this wedding. I could just blog on the Kid’s if I wanted. Fun Day!

                                                        Restless Rind Bearers!

Did I mention how hot it was this day. Well it was!!!!!! Water was a must. This was taken just before I was told I was not allowed to take photographs in the Library :p

The Beloved Testudo! He Got lots of kisses this day! GO TERPS!

Shots like this are one of the reasons I make my assistant drive, LOL. The other reason it that I hate to drive 🙂 I never put my camera in the bag for reasons such as this!  I thought for sure they were going to get pulled over. A cop can behind them but then passed them. What pictures that would have made!

Claire is so expressive. So fun!

Jewish friends convince crowd to do the Horra 🙂

                                           Medical Student needs Heimlick!

Notice Ring bearer on the floor !

Charrise and NaQueal

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It was a joy to finally get to photograph Charrise and NaQueal’s wedding.  Charrise spent a lot of time in planning and seeing that all the details of the wedding were special. As you will see below, this is a group that truly knows how to have a good time!

                                           I love hairspray 🙂

Ok, This is random, I know, but I loved the angles and the fact the car is heading the wrong direction 🙂

I did not set this one up. Those who know me, know I would never set this shot up. Matt Buerhaus ( a great videographer BTW) set this up and so why not shoot it. It turned out pretty I think. The lace on Charrise’s dress made it 🙂 They make good hand models don’t you think.

Oops Sarah, I see you 🙂 The cat is out of the bag now on how we got this shot 🙂

       These boys were so much fun 🙂

               Cake by Sugar Bakers  YUM!

                     And the Fun Continues at Grey Rock Mansion!

Friday Funnies- Wedding Crashers 3

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This is a oldie but a goodie. On a regular basis, I think of all the great people I have gotten to meet along my road as a photographer. Kevin and Elizabeth are no exception. They were married May 6th, 2006. Their reception was at The Belvedere. It was a great day. We had a few minutes to do some group shots in front of the Hotel and this passerby, besides to sit down and join the festivities. What is so funny is the expressions of all the people and how different they are. LOL!

I know I have not posted much lately. Next week, we should have plenty to post. So stay tuned